Rick Tillman

(c)2004 Dark Whisper Films

                                                               FADE IN:
               [ ROLL FILM TITLES ]

                                                               IRIS IN:

         1     EXT.  REID'S HOME - SUNSET                                   1

               A quaint, well maintained home sits happily in Arkham, Mass.

               TITLE (1-1):
               Dr. Reid, a prominent Arkham scholar,
               relaxes for the evening at home.

                                                                CUT TO:

         2     INT.  REID'S STUDY - EVENING                                 2

               DR. HENRY PERCIVAL REID, a distinguished gentleman in his
               early forties, sits in his favorite EASY CHAIR polishing his
               GLASSES.  He finishes, and puts them back on.

               He reaches out for a BOX sitting on the TABLE.  He pulls it
               closer and opens it, revealing the fine TOBACCO held within. 
               He reaches for his PIPE, and fills it with the tobacco, and
               closes the box.

               He grabs a MATCH from a nearby MATCHBOX, strikes it, and
               lights his pipe.  He shakes the match out, and disposes of it
               in an ASHTRAY.

               He picks up the NEWSPAPER, shakes it open, and scans the
               front page.  He is reading the ARKHAM ADVERTISER, the Monday,
               Aug. 20th, 1928 edition.  An article towards the middle of
               the page catches his eye.

               INSERT - NEWSPAPER

               "ARTIST STILL MISSING:
                Local artist, Richard Upton Pickman, has been missing for
                more than two months, and authorities seem baffled by the 
                disappearance.  Friends and neighbors have neither seen nor 
                heard from the up and coming artist since late June..."

               BACK TO SCENE

               Reid shakes his head, and mutters "good riddance" to himself. 

               He sets the paper back down, as he puffs on the pipe deeply,
               and takes in the wonderful aroma produced by the pipe and its

               He sits, smiling, enjoying a fine smoke, as he reaches out to
               claim his COGNAC from where it is sitting on the table. 

               He takes a deep drink, and ponders on his good fortune.

                                                                CUT TO:

         3     EXT.  REID'S HOME - EVENING                                  3

               A DARK FIGURE, wearing a long LEATHER TRENCH COAT, GLOVES,
               and FEDORA, cautiously walks up to the front door, looking
               over his shoulder to make sure that he is not seen by anyone. 

               He removes an ENVELOPE from inside his coat, and places it by
               the door.  He knocks loudly on the door, and quickly slips

                                                                CUT TO:

         4     INT.  REID'S STUDY - EVENING                                 4

               Dr. Reid abruptly looks up from his paper and takes the pipe
               out of his mouth as he hears a knock at the door.

               He takes a drag off of the pipe, and gets up to walk over
               towards the front door.

                                                                CUT TO:

         5     INT.  ENTRYWAY - EVENING                                     5

               Reid goes up to the front door, and peers out the peephole. 
               Seeing no one, he opens the front door and looks out.

                                                                CUT TO:

         6     EXT.  REID'S HOME - EVENING                                  6

               Reid looks around, but sees no one, so he steps out onto the
               front porch, and calls out to the empty yard.

               TITLE (6-1):
                Is anybody there?"

               Reid looks around, waiting for an answer, but receives none. 
               He shrugs his shoulders, takes another puff on his pipe, and
               turns to go back inside.  As he does, he kicks something with
               his foot.

               He looks down, and sees an envelope, so he stoops down and
               picks it up.  He holds it up and looks at it.

               INSERT - ENVELOPE

               The envelope is addressed: "~REID~"

               BACK TO SCENE

               Reid examines the envelope as he goes back inside.

                                                                CUT TO:

         7     INT.  ENTRYWAY - EVENING                                     7

               Reid comes inside and closes the door.  He looks quizzically
               at the envelope for a moment, and walks back to the easy
               chair with it.

                                                                CUT TO:

         8     INT.  REID'S STUDY - EVENING                                 8

               Reid walks over to the chair and sits down, places his pipe
               in the ASHTRAY, and opens the envelope.  He pulls out a hand
               written letter.

               Reid looks over the letter.

               INSERT - LETTER

                If you really want to know the truth, meet me in the alley
                behind Benevolent Street in one hour.

               BACK TO SCENE

               Reid sets the letter down in his lap, and sits there, puzzled
               by the mystery it offers.

               He checks the time on his POCKET WATCH, debates a moment, and
               then puts the watch back in his pocket.
               He takes one last drink of cognac, picks up his pipe, stands
               up, and makes his way towards the door.

                                                                CUT TO:

         9     INT.  ENTRYWAY - EVENING                                     9

               He reaches out for his COAT, and puts it on.  He folds up the
               letter and puts it in an inside pocket of his coat.

               He puts on his HAT, opens the front door, and steps out onto
               the porch.

                                                                CUT TO:

        10     EXT.  REID'S HOME - EVENING                                 10

               Reid closes and locks the front door, fusses with the collar
               of his coat, and walks up towards the street.

               He turns onto the sidewalk and makes his way up the street.

                                                           IRIS OUT/IN:

        11     EXT.  THE ALLEY - NIGHT                                     11
               TITLE (11-1):
               Dr. Reid makes his way
               towards Benevolent Street.

               Reid walks down the alley, scanning for the person he is to
               meet.  He literally seems disgusted by the less than pristine

               He is passed by TWO DRUNK MEN, and has to move out of the way
               to avoid colliding with the swerving pair.

               Reid stops in the back of the alley, and waits nervously for
               his appointment to appear.

               As Reid attempts to puff on his pipe, he notices that the
               pipe is now empty.  As he brought no tobacco with him, he
               shakes it out and puts it in his jacket pocket.

               Reid is approached by a YOUNG WOMAN, selling her wares.  She
               walks up to Reid and propositions him, but he quickly refuses
               her.  She tries to show Reid her assets, but he insists that
               she cover back up.  He admonishes the girl, and sends her on
               her way.
               As the woman laughs and backs away from Reid, she runs into
               another person approaching.  She seems a bit startled, and
               recoils back from the dark figure.

               The dark figure merely stares at her, as he grips more
               tightly what he is carrying under his arm.

               The woman crosses herself and hurries off as the dark figure
               walks towards Reid.

               Reid recognizes the fellow, and in fact seems a bit surprised
               to see him.  He halfheartedly waves to the dark figure.

               Reid and the dark figure exchange a few words, as the figure
               hands a PACKAGE to Reid.  Reid starts to unwrap the package,
               but is stopped by the dark figure, who grabs Reid's arm.

               The dark figure releases his arm, and chastises Reid.

               TITLE (11-2):
               "No, not here.
                Wait until you get home!"

               Reid takes heed, and simply places the package under his arm. 
               The dark figure gives Reid a few more additional instructions
               regarding the package.

               The dark figure says good bye and walks off in the direction
               he came, as Reid goes back the way he came, tightly clutching
               the parcel under his arm.

                                                           IRIS OUT/IN:

        12     EXT.  REID'S HOME - NIGHT                                   12
               TITLE (12-1):
               Dr. Reid returns with the package

               Reid determinedly makes his way back to the front door.  He
               unlocks the door, looks about, and goes in.

                                                                CUT TO:

        13     INT.  ENTRYWAY - NIGHT                                      13

               Reid comes in the house and shuts the front door.  He places
               the package on a nearby TABLE, and removes his hat, and then
               his coat, and then hangs them all up.

               He picks up the package and walks back towards the easy

                                                                CUT TO:

        14     INT.  REID'S STUDY - NIGHT                                  14

               Reid walks over to the chair, sits down, and examines the
               package, which is wrapped in CLOTH, that he has set down in
               his lap.

               Reid removes the TWINE that binds the package, and unwraps
               the cloth to reveal an ancient-looking BOOK with an odd
               octopus-like relief on the cover.

               Reid holds the book reverently as he studies the cover,
               sides, and back of the book.  He can tell that it is quite
               old, and feels oddly honored to have been entrusted with such
               an obvious treasure.

               He opens the book and begins to flip through some of the
               pages.  They are covered with strange writing, symbols, and
               drawings.  Reid eventually comes across a book marker, and
               examines these pages more closely.

               The page marked has what looks like a spell written on it.

               INSERT - BOOK

                That is not dead which can eternal lie - and with strange
                aeons even death may die..."

               BACK TO SCENE

               Reid reads aloud the first passage of the spell to himself.

               TITLE (14-1):
               "That is not dead which can eternal lie -
                and with strange aeons even death may die."

               Reid is startled by a sound emanating from his basement, as
               the glass of cognac sitting nearby visibly shakes before his

               Reid stands up, grabs the cognac, and hastily finishes all
               that remains.  He grips the book under his arm, and heads off
               in the direction of the basement.

                                                                CUT TO:

        15     SCENE OMITTED                                               15

        16     INT.  STAIRWELL - NIGHT                                     16

               TITLE (16-1):
               Dr. Reid investigates the strange sound.

               Reid opens the door to the stairwell, and makes his way down
               into the basement, and towards the strange sound.

                                                                CUT TO:

        17     INT.  BASEMENT - NIGHT                                      17

               Reid leaves the stairs and enters the basement.

               He walks over to the center of the room, and looks down at
               the floor.

               Reid stares amazed at the floor.  There seems to be some sort
               of CIRCLE that is faintly glowing on the floor.

               He ponders the astounding implications of what this might
               mean.  His well-placed trepidation is overcome by the
               mounting anticipation of what may actually be possible if he
               proceeds with the spell.  Above all else, Dr. Reid is a man
               of science, and one must test assumptions to glimpse the

               Reid cautiously steps inside of the glowing circle on the
               floor and...nothing happens!  Not to be deterred in his quest
               for knowledge, he opens up the book again.

               He glances down at the book and finds where he left off.

               Reid cautiously reads aloud from the book once again.

               TITLE (17-1):
               "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming."

               The circle on the floor begins to glow more wildly, as a
               strange MIST begins to emanate from the circle.

               TITLE (17-2):
               "Ph-nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

               Excitement and anticipation grow on Reid's face as he
               continue's to read aloud from the book.

               TITLE (17-3):
               "Yog-Sothoth knows the gate!"

               Reid shudders, and continues.

               TITLE (17-4):
               "Yog-Sothoth is the gate!"

               A glowing PENTAGRAM slowly appears inside of the circle on
               the floor, centered around Reid.  He stares at it, thoroughly
               amazed by what is happening, and continues on.

               TITLE (17-5):
               "Ia! Ia! Shub-Niggurath!"

               The swirling, glowing mist begins to envelope Reid, and he
               can not stop himself from finishing the spell.

               TITLE (17-6):
               "Ia! Ia!"

               He is a man driven by the possibilities of what may happen. 
               He must continue.

               TITLE (17-7):

               He speaks aloud the last line of the spell.

               TITLE (17-8):

               The circle on the floor glows fiercely as faint glowing
               'echoes' rise up in the air around Reid.

               Reid is overwhelmed by the mist now, and glances around,
               trying to see through it towards the far corner of the room.

               He can just make out a tentacled 'THING' approaching - it's
               dim outline slowly becoming clearer as sheer horror registers
               on his face.

               A lumpy, seemingly formless creature with writhing TENTACLES
               slowly approaches Reid.  It's single EYE, sitting atop a ropy
               stalk sprouting from where a head should be, stares intently
               at Reid.

               Reid realizes his folly and screams uncontrollably as he
               drops the book to the floor.

               This is more than Reid can bare.  He starts to make for the
               stairs and away from the blasphemous thing, but he is
               seemingly unable to leave the confines of the glowing circle.

               TITLE (17-9):
               Trapped by the spell!

               He turns back toward the thing, as the grotesque tentacles
               flail and squeeze Reid as he continues to scream and
               pointlessly struggles with what he has summoned.
               He bleeds from his mouth as his life is slowly squeezed out
               of him.
               He is engulfed by the unknown horror that answered his call,
               as his last screams are cut short by the thing.

               Reid slowly vanishes along with the entity, mist, pentagram,
               and circle.

               The book is now laying open on the floor where Reid once
               stood. A broken pair of glasses lies on top of it.

                                                          SMASH CUT TO:

               Suddenly, the gloved hand of a dark figure reaches out and
               picks up the abandoned book.

               The dark figure closes the book and places it under his arm.

               He removes his hat in mock reverence for Reid, revealing his
               face for the first time.  PICKMAN replaces his hat as he
               sardonically smiles.

               Pickman laughs as he turns and walks towards the stairs and
               slowly ascends them.

                                                              IRIS OUT.

                                                           DISSOLVE TO:
               THE END

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.
               [ ROLL FILM CREDITS ]

        18     SCENE OMITTED                                               18